Meet the Team

Hang is made by Tiger Software LLC, a startup founded in 2020 and proudly headquartered in the beautiful state of Illinois. We’re a couple of people who love to hang, building an app for others like us.

Carson Wang

Management Lead

Carson has always been passionate about bringing people together. He's led student organizations, research teams, and even a film crew. Now, he's on a mission to make coming together easier than ever.

Tony Kim

UI/UX Designer

Tony graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media, concentrating in Interaction Design. He creates beautiful interfaces for disruptive solutions to human problems.

Suraj Roy

Software Developer

Suraj is Hang's secret weapon. He's had professional experience in both business development and software development, making him a versatile member of the Hang team. As a developer, he brings this background to building product.

Krist Pregracke

Technical Lead

Krist is a computer science ninja who can jump all the way from Assembly to Node.js and back again. He steers Hang's technical direction as its algorithms man, the architect of its tech stack. He can talk WebSockets all day.

Cindia Hua

Software Developer

Cindia is a startup phenom. Her pro-bono consulting efforts are a key part of the Champaign-Urbana startup community, having helped startups of all kinds. At Hang, Cindia helps develop the app's front-end.

Ella Geida

Graphic Designer

Ella is a talented artist with a clear mind and a clean style. She helps Hang look presentable.

Teresa Dong

Software Developer

Teresa is a diligent back end developer who brings experience from companies like Amazon. At Hang, Teresa makes sure all communication is secure and private. She's our encryption czar, making sure our servers are safe!

Chae Seol

Brand Manager

Chae gets the Hang into people's hands, and won't stop until everyone is using it.

Zachary Jia Hao Lee

Finance Lead

Zachary's nuanced understanding of finance comes from experience in both investment banking and multi-family offices. As a former founder, Zachary has an insider's view of a startup's financial pain points.

Let's Hang!