Hang is safe, spontaneous, in-person fun. 

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Spontaneous Fun

Let’s say you want to go out to eat, or you want to go to a bar. Why should you have to deal with the hassle of planning events and finding people to go with? Just list your outing as a “Hang” and nearby users can join in! Within an hour, you’ll be at the restaurant, at the bar, wherever it may be, and having fun. Hang’s not for meeting people through a chat box. It’s for having fun in real life.

Genuine Connections

79% of Gen Z is lonely. We need a new tool to solve the Gen Z loneliness epidemic. There's more to you than a profile; stop sifting through thousands of them on social media and join us as we build stronger communities. Hang is ready to serve busy Gen Z in Chicago and Urbana-Champaign!


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